What is PAMAR ?

PAMAR is a Media Network powered by Eighty Eight(88) Group to spread a powerful expression while leaving their mark over the World of problem-solving skills, business experts’ talks/thoughts, and our interaction/utilization of technology in this modern era of tech.

All of us at the PAMAR Network look forward to serving you and helping you reach greater prosperity. We need to hear from you and consider you as a partner in this endeavor.


PAMAR aims to hunt talented and creative business solutions and create a podium to transform those ideas/solutions into successful businesses and startups.

We are establishing a Network alias “GUANXI” to bring together all the struggling and successful companies and startups Worldwide to build a space that could explore more business and employment opportunities.


We at PAMAR Network stand beside you from your struggling period to help you reach a prosperous place. We uplift your ideas by serving our experts’ help and strategies in building your startup shine amongst the umbrella of Business 88 venture. We are always open to hearing new ideas, struggles, and success stories to make it voice around the World through our PAMAR Media Channel.

PAMAR Media is managed by the Business 88 group. We are inspired to heighten the Pak-China venture around the World and especially in the Asian market. Our team is motivated to build a more deliberated relationship with European Market and enhance the collaborations in uplifting new ideas and encourage the Asian community as an emerging talent in the World.


Host / Founder

Arslan Raza

Host / Director (PR)

Amina Abidi

Ambassador (China)

Muheeb Haider

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